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Since 2020, SMCA has implemented a 1:1 Chromebook program for 7th -12th grades.

This program allows for each student in the secondary division to receive a laptop computer to use for as long as they attend South Merrimack Christian Academy.

1:1 Initiative For Secondary

The 1:1 Initiative is directly tied to the SMCA’s goal that all students will have the technological skills to be successful at college and better prepared to serve Christ in a technology-rich and globally-connected world. In preparation for this opportunity, South Merrimack Christian Academy has increased wireless capacity and upgraded network connections to support multiple devices. Additionally, because safe online behavior is a priority, content filters have been installed on each device that will work regardless of the internet source. Staff will continue to develop the materials, plans, and resources needed to facilitate and inspire student learning. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact the school office


Technology Fee

Each secondary family will be required to pay a one-time tech fee of $300 per student to cover infrastructure support and connectivity systems.

Device Insurance

Each family will be required to purchase insurance for each device. This insurance will cost $30 per Chromebook per year. There will be no deductible charged on claims. The insurance covers accidental damage (drops, cracked screens, liquid spills), liquid submersion, theft, fire or flood, vandalism, natural disasters, and power surges due to lightning.

Protective Case

SMCA will provide a protective case for each Chromebook. This protective case will be required to be used at all times.

Requirements to Receive a Chromebook

 Students will be issued their Chromebook at the beginning of each school year. In order to receive a Chromebook, the following steps must occur:


1. Students must take the SMCA digital citizenship course.


2. Students and parents must read and agree to all policies and procedures for the use, care, and maintenance of the Chromebook. Chromebook Care & Usage Handbook


3. Students and parents must have a current Acceptable Use Policy on file.


4. Students and parents must purchase insurance to cover accidental damage to their device. Chromebook Insurance Policy


5. Students and parents must fill out an Acceptable Use Policy Permission Form.

6. Parents must read through the Google Workspace for Education Notice


What Else Will the Chromebooks be used for?

Every student will be given an email address through which will be used for school classroom communication. Parents will still be contacted for school affairs. 

Student Cloud Storage

Every student will be given online storage through Google Drive. This is basically a free virtual hard drive that will be primarily used for submitting homework and receiving assignments from teachers.

Productivity APps

Every student will be given a full suite of apps that includes Google Docs (word processing), Google Sheets (spreadsheet), Google Slides (similar to PowerPoint), Google Calendar, and more. This FREE suite of apps will mean you will not need to purchase any software for your child to do school work.

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