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South Merrimack Christian Academy begins the process of reaccreditation by NEASC

South Merrimack Christian Academy is in the process of institutional reaccreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). SMCA, like all accredited schools, is reviewed for reaccreditation approximately every ten years. The process includes the preparation of two self-studies whereby the school evaluates itself on a range of academic, financial, physical, and other criteria. There will be two site visits by a committee of faculty and administrators, during which they discuss issues raised in the self-study and draft a report and recommendation to NEASC. After these interactions, an official response by NEASC will be announced in December 2024.


To aid in our community’s understanding of the process,
SMCA will be examined according to the following standards.

The Standards for Reaccreditation

The foundation Standards:

Foundation Standard 1

Enrolled Students Align Appropriately with the Mission

Foundation Standard 2

The Governing Body/Board Assures the School Remains Sustainable and True to its Mission

Foundation Standard 3

The School’s Resources Sufficiently Support Present and Prospective Operation

Foundation Standard 4

The School Assures that the Adult Community is Qualified and Organized to Implement the Mission.

Foundation Standard 5

A Proactive Culture of Health and Safety Permeates the School

The program standards:

Program Standard 7

Commitment to Mission and Core Beliefs Informs Decisions, Guides Initiatives and Aligns with the Students’ Needs and Aspirations

Program Standard 8

Commitment to Inspiration and Support Characterizes the Approach to Each Student

Program Standard 9

Commitment to Excellence Distinguishes the Program

Program Standard 10

Commitment to Continuous Professional Development Permeates the Adult Culture

Program Standard 11

Commitment to Engaging with the Greater Community Enhances Student Experience

Program Standard 13

Commitment to the Health and Well-Being of Each Student Guides the School’s Homestay Program

Program Standard 14

Commitment to Long-Term Viability and Innovation Guides Planning

Note: Foundation Standard 6 and Program Standard 12 do not pertain to South Merrimack Christian Academy.

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Site visit dates

Foundation Site Visit - May 1-2, 2024

Program Site Visit - October 27-30, 2024

For more information about our reaccreditation,
please contact Ken Amador at

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