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Guidance Counselor

Alanna helps students work through social, emotional, and spiritual issues. She also aids in post-high school preparation towards college or career.

Life Resources

Whether a part of our community already, or simply searching for answers, below are resources we recommend when navigating through new territories in life. For more resources, or something more specific, please contact Alanna Beaulieu.

Here are a few resources we recommend to get started:

Focus On The Family

Desiring God

Ratio Christi

The goal of a personality test is to seek a clearer picture of a person’s natural inclinations before determining what may be strengths, and what may be an area for growth. These tests are not Biblically based, so they do not take into consideration the transformative power of Christ or the process of sanctification.

A popular, recommended personality test: Myers Briggs

College and Career Resources

Below are links to help you start your post high school journey.

South Merrimack

Christian Academy

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