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Thank you for your interest in South Merrimack Christian Academy. We are a Christ-centered school with a passion for excellence both in and out of the classroom. Since the beginning in 1996, it has been and continues to be our goal to infuse the Word of God into every student who is entrusted to our care. It is a sacred trust.


It is our desire that our website will give you the information that you are seeking concerning our mission, philosophy and day-to-day operation of our school.


We are committed to partner with each family to help train their children to know God’s Word and encourage them to faithfully interact and engage their generation for Christ.


Although our website is helpful in giving relevant information about our school, we encourage you to schedule a visit to our campus to experience the SMCA community. See you soon!


By Christian Education, we refer to the teaching of basic Christian truths - the fact that God exists and is the Creator, that He is the God of love, and that He wants to be our personal friend and savior through His son, Jesus.  We teach these truths through daily Bible classes and weekly chapel services. 

In addition, our entire program is taught in an atmosphere acknowledging the existence, power, and love of God.

It is our purpose to provide our students with textbooks that are of the highest quality.  

The textbooks that best fit our criteria are those from A Beka Book and Bob Jones publishers.  

The students are held accountable to a high standard of performance in each of their classes.

School Profile
CEEB Code: 300-406

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

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Student Body
  • Grades : K3-12

  • Enrollment (2020-2021) 178 students.

  • Student Demographic: Approximately 15 surrounding communities.

  • Student Achievement: Approximately 39% of students earn the Honor Roll (all A's and B's) and approximately 20% earn the High Honor Roll (all A's).

  • Student Service: While annual community service requirements exist for our secondary students, many continue above and beyond the requirements in serving their churches and communities.

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  • American Association of Christian Schools

  • New Hampshire Christian School Association

  • Granite State Association of Christian Schools

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  • Well-qualified and dedicated to Christian Education

  • Student to Teacher Ratio: 12:1

  • Average Teacher Tenure: 5 years at SMCA

South Merrimack

Christian Academy

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