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School Board

South Merrimack Christian Academy is a ministry of Merrimack Valley Baptist Church. As outlined in MVBC's Constitution, SMCA's school board is made up of the members of MVBC's Deacon board. The names of the individuals who make up the SMCA Service Group and the Parent Advisory Group are listed below. The Parent Advisory Group is made up of parents, teachers, and deacons with the purpose of supporting the deacon board by giving feedback and recommendations for spiritual life, curriculum, programs, and academic standards.

Smca Service Group

Ken Amador (Administrator)

Dan Beaulieu (Pastoral Lead)

Aaron Stark (Deacon)

Tom Walker (Deacon)

Todd Wilkins (Deacon)

Parent Advisory group

Chris Burger

Kristina Coppola

Dave Gilbert

Aaron Stark

Jessica Gorman

Ryan Leland

Brad Wilkins

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